Online English Practice

Launch your Speaking skills easily

Who’s this online space for?

• Immigrants, travelers, dreamers, achievers

• High school and university students (age: 13+)

• Passionate people who like studying English

• 🇺🇦WE STAND FOR UKRAINE🇺🇦(ask for our free trainings)

In our classes you will gain:

  • Real practical English for traveling, studying, or employment
  • Full immersion with tutors from Canada
    English ONLY is used in our practical classrooms
  • Interactive lesson plans to practice your speaking and have HOT discussions
  • Forget about passive learning. It is not for us!!!! Be ready to talk a lot and answer many questions
  • Convenient teaching software and lots of fun
  • Full support in your exciting English journey with FluentGeekPRO

Who will benefit from the classes:

Are you an immigrant or just a professional who struggles speaking English fluently and using the language in daily situations???

We are here to help.

Learn English without learning English😊

With our experienced team of linguists and teachers from Canada, you will be able to build your English skills without memorizing boring grammar rules and complicated constructions. Language can be acquired naturally through practical approaches and real conversation with our English tutors based on the topics you are interested in and daily situations you would face every day living in an English-speaking environment.

If you want to be successful in your life, English is one of the steps for achieving your goals

What to prepare:


Reliable internet connection (to avoid unexpected situations)


Your old friend – PC, laptop, tablet, phone


Good headphones with a microphone (we want to hear you speaking a LOT)


A Quiet place for full immersion (no one can bother you except for your tutor


Yourself and your positive attitude, curiosity, and willingness to learn


  • Practical approach
  • Speaking, Speaking, Speaking and active learning
  • Our Certified English tutors from Canada with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Interactive teaching software and interesting lesson materials
  • English ONLY in practical classroom to avoid the temptations of using your native language




We strive for expanding boundaries of education by learning English online and practicing communication skills in fun, friendly environment without fears and prejudice, building confidence and giving equal opportunities to every student despite their status, location, and circumstances. We believe that every student is a hero.

Our packages:


8-9 online classes
(1h-1.30h each)
BONUS – writing classes

and more practice
75 USD/month

*a limited-time offer*


8 online classes in mini groups
(45 min each)
BONUS – Pronunciation classes
access to “Grammar Marathon”
digital homework and much more

*Recommended for any level students who want to progress faster and improve overall English skills within a short period of time

140 USD/month

a limited-time offer*


UNLIMITED access to online courses
for a month

*Recommended for all students

35 USD/month

a limited-time offer*


If you have specific needs like business or academic English, we can design a program and lesson plans specially for you

*All classes must be used within a month from the moment of purchasing a package

What’s in the packages:

1. A FREE DEMO CLASS to identify your needs and assess your level of English. At this time, you can see if it works for you.

2. You will speak English. Do not worry! Our tutors are professionals and super friendly people. They have specific approaches to improve your speaking and fluency naturally, so you will have no fear to use English for your future experiences.


4. AN ONLINE COURSE has various grammar lessons

Are these classes right for you?

If you are:

• A highly motivated student
• Ready to study smart (not hard) in a fun and friendly environment
• Taking the classes seriously and will be devoted to study on everyday basis
• Want to explore and achieve more with these new opportunities

These classes are not for you if you:

• Are not ready to speak a lot
• Expect to learn grammar only
• Will not be consistent with your goals

Meet your tutor

Hi there,

Welcome to our practice space.

My name is Kate and I have been teaching English for more than seven years for students from China, Japan, Ukraine, Canada and Taiwan. I can speak different languages and I got my Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics in University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

While doing my research about English influence on adaptation of immigrants in Canada, working with refugees, and teaching thousands of students, I was trying to find a secret how to learn English faster and become fluent in it.

And you know what?

Throughout all these years with tons of teaching experience and working with immigrants, I came to a conclusion –


– Practice
– Consistency
– And Speaking, Speaking, Speaking fearlessly

I found that many people study English at school and know all the grammar rules and words, however, one KEY element is always missing: they cannot apply the language into practice and have fear of speaking English. Thus, we designed various lessons and applied simple techniques for developing your fluency and removing the language barriers, so you can use English in everyday life for your work, education, or traveling and feel confident by making great impressions while interacting with people in English.

Try our FREE DEMO CLASS and you’ll see how it works.

Student and Immigrant Coaching

If you ever thought about immigrating to Canada or studying there but didn’t not know where to start, we can make your dreams come true.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Finding a suitable program, university, college or training school
  • Applying for scholarships and grants for free education
  • Student Immigration
  • Housing and employment support upon admission to a university/college

We will fully support you and guide you through the process and choose the best option for your future.

Contact us for more details if you think this path is for you.

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